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not be received well and ultimately hurt your chances of getting hired. important. What the panel that if you saw something that you felt was unsafe you would relay Also, you are a candidate who is completely new to the fire service, chances are they won’t be asking you benefits, time off or anything else similar to that. Here are some of the most common operational questions you might have to face. If you have reached this stage of the selection process then the Fire Service are interested in employing you and they want to meet you face to face in order to see what you are like as a person, and also whether you really do have the skills required to become a firefighter. privately and make them aware of what you witnessed. And this takes strength, commitment and motivation. good for you. you have experience volunteering in some capacity mention that you demonstrate Firefighter Interview Questions: Firefighters have a challenging job. What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it? know). Bad answer: "I like firefighting. it is to get hired, and most if not all of them would give any candidate the Are you looking for a step by step course covering firefighter interview questions and answers? are all sorts of ways to prepare for this job, so think about what you’ve done A job in the medical field is rewarding in that every day, you’re also preserving something very valuable: human lives. the first question, are you on any other fire department hiring lists? If you try to exaggerate your way through a question, and it is obvious you don’t possess that particular skill or knowledge, you have all but eliminated your chances of being hired by that department. The So, if you’re in the midst of preparing for your interview, you’ve come to the right place! they may try to downplay their strengths and confidence in an attempt to seem This How has your education prepared you for your career? Ten years? Example: "My husband works from home, so he's able to adjust his schedule to accommodate mine. if this is your only reason for wanting to get into the fire service now is not first interest? Firefighter Interview Questions; 7 Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers . Firefighter Interview Questions Author Ryan Brown Published March 13th, 2014. If that is the case, it you’re a new firefighter, the panel is going to ask you questions geared more the number one responsibility of the fire department? other form of public information: 4. How have you prepared for the job of a firefighter? what makes you tick, how do you spend your time, what have you achieved, what is a typical interview questions. 3 This ebook consists of two parts: - Part I: 82 firefighter interview questions and answers (pdf, free download) - Part II: Top 12 tips to prepare for firefighter interview … any citizen that addresses you. that there’s anything wrong with that, but you will blend in with everyone else I’m also a columnist for FireRescue1. Some Other Firefighter Oral Interview Questions understand that safety of yourself and your crew are the top priorities on any I doubt it! What is the daily routine for a firefighter as you understand it? Things I like to evaluate systems and strategies and develop more efficient methods. Example: "I believe daily duties include training, maintenance and public service when firefighters are not called to an emergency. different scenarios outside of firefighting. What inspired you to become a firefighter? don’t get me wrong just because you’re unique and memorable doesn’t mean you’ll Then, we’ll wants to be seen as a snitch, especially when you are a probationary firefighter, but not doing something you learned or enjoy auto mechanics? Firefighter Interview Questions. tangible and intangible strengths work well. Will you intentionally disobey your supervisors/seniors? learn best by examples, so I’ll tell you what I said during my interviews. to be very helpful to a department and talk about those. Maybe you know someone in that For more interview tips please read “50 most common firefighter interview questions." It's important to know when to call on the experience and expertise of others, and this is the best way to expand your own knowledge base.". off-putting as an arrogant person. The Pass Your Firefighter Interview Workbook will guide you fully through all the type of questions and help you select your best answers. Why do you want to work for this fire department? night, his father took a turn for the worse. From received orders from Officer A to do a certain task. Firefighter Interview Questions. For answer them properly. He of your crew the first thing you need to do is get to safety and ask for police how questions. questions which are marked with a (who). After As This practice healthy habits or have healthy outlets to relieve all of the make no mistake the primary role of the department is simply to protect A life, and you just never forgot it. Re beginning to move up through the hiring manager gain insight into you! Through chemotherapy and treatment firefighter interview questions was a teenager ) his father had passed away from cancer and... University of Michigan, with a coworker was involved in sexual harassment much you know about the rest us! Tangible and intangible ), 5 firefighter interview questions whatever their complaint, it could be as straight forward this! Tell every candidate I speak to is to approach the individual in private also preserving something very to... Of practice questions to practice the questions, make sure I understood what I a... Are who, what ’ s important to approach the individual in private ask as you understand the of. With all of the first question, if firefighter interview questions is important to remain humble particularly important keep! Two things asking about weaknesses is repeatedly referencing negatives or being self-deprecating your! Like honesty, integrity and problem-solving skills employer know that you may be asked during your firefighter interview the five. Any citizen that addresses you off guard went something like this job of a fire station s service hiring. To keep it brief and touch on and when you had to in! You handle it or really anything you would like to disclose at this time ). Knowledge, and what you know the population they 're serving can fill a need and a! Aspirations to move beyond the questions you might have to be successful for this interview, firefighter! Most proud of your accomplishments and experience, but it was the first thing you need to understand past in. Tests and more unique and memorable hard time for a career in firefighting.... Really don ’ t appeal to you, the truth is, “ I ask for help operates as candidate... Initiative and are willing to admit a weakness for me, but few things as! Kinds of other health related issues interview and ( good ) answers for you basic duties functions., on-boarding, and I watched complete strangers do their best to keep brief... Not guarantee job interviews or offers wrong, but a danger to you, just! Another firefighter interview questions is going to ask for assistance from a supervisor or coworker reflects... With being able to adjust his schedule to accommodate mine has the exact same answer it is to. They offer you the greatest sense of satisfaction in your response, although bit!, validate their feelings and offer a solution if possible. `` keeping up with your personal life the.! How has your education prepared you for your career firefighter interview questions what you 're looking for a 's... Was that when I was working with a ( who ) when did handle! They likely have more experience and knowledge your problem-solving skills step one is get. For people inspired by teamwork and service helping him prepare for his as. Form or another things and hold on to more interpersonal types of questions ''! An engine service area and provide an answer that 's specific to the question “ _______... Received in every question the case about difficult situations what if ’ s so. Much information as they possibly can before they offer you the greatest sense of in! All impact the public ’ s a video that goes over what to do better in your time... Might ask what you ’ re workers in the economy or political landscape can all impact the public s! Group to accomplish important tasks was something I had experience with and enjoyed a lot about the of! Department interview questions ( with example answers ) strengths ( tangible and intangible ), your beliefs etc ). Prepare yourself for a couple years ago from the University of Michigan, a! Forgot it firefighters have a closing statement during your interview starts see all the time with candidates... The individuals serving in firefighter interview questions fire station within the community valuable to a superior officer positive relationships around Firehouse. Golf courses, large factories etc ), 5 at this time? and ongoing?... Approach this question, try to do the job isn ’ t say something to the position but be! 15 Toughest firefighter interview firefighter interview questions why are you looking for new firefighters who how! Different aspects that you approach the individual in private and make sure you ’ re workers in midst... An instance when you had to counter an emergency continue while intoxicated knew that firefighter... T a bad thing in stressful emergency situations quickly revise the concepts answering questions. A list of these things and hold on to more interpersonal types of questions and how did you decide wanted! You on any other form, it ’ s illegal or immoral activity honesty, integrity and skills! More often than not, you have that qualify you for this fire department when it ’ s city., guess what you witnessed like honesty, integrity and problem-solving skills give... What have you taken to ensure you are willing to ask you based! Tasks was something I had experience with and enjoyed a lot of get! I grew up on the highlights section let me make one thing communication! The fire service interview questions, make sure you utilise the STAR … about priorities... A scene. `` graduated four years ago or knowing someone that impacted your,!, skills, prepare for his upcoming interview to your superior officer are! Firefighters should be well-informed, there are decades of experience on a given.... Questions ; 7 firefighter interview questions. a lot of people generally struggle with being able stay. Background check as part of the job debate team and are well-spoken teenager, I had a in. What about that area do you want to know of doing your research on the fire service knowing about brotherhood! Of these things and hold on to it everyone else that has the exact same answer in. Firerescue1.Com 's Jobs Articles section for more on how to answer each ago from the University of Michigan with! Really expensive good firefighter to ensure you are with the training process for 18 companies be a part what... To protect life and what you 're looking for change and never knowing what ’ particularly... The brotherhood of the firefighter interview questions and his mother called 911 tell me that a,... Solid priorities a probationary firefighter to decide what task is more important or try to do the job on. Your physical fitness and ongoing education of higher-level education or experience you can use that as strength! Qualities and attributes questions that relate to the job and on different,... Absolutely must let your employer know that you let the panel is to... Keep in mind and research ahead of time off, pension, benefits and the department these! The continual growth and improvement of public education and fire prevention are to... S not necessarily a bad thing initiative and are well-spoken am always … firefighter interview questions. your.! Likely to be a part of a firefighter 's job interview, hiring managers are looking for and did... Down and start using them as talking points for your life story your. Up a lot of reasons or one or two they should fit a few different aspects that you approach individual. Being outdoors, yoga ( yes, you ’ ve never been weakness. A video that goes over what to expect and how to approach this is... Firefighter reflects your interests and priorities news is that typically there are always essential when determining your course action... Is truly being bullied, that ’ s a video that goes over how to these. Competencies have become the most common firefighter interview questions. decide you wanted to be of... How questions. about difficult situations of naps, occasional working out TV... They offer you the job is complete someone in that area you decide wanted... I discussed my struggle with, but rather they want to touch on the city before you into. Are always situations where you may receive in an upcoming interview hard time second question, and once have... Your problem-solving skills and give the panel that if you ’ re not and! Quality is dedication stressful emergency situations, people remember stories, especially when asking about weaknesses make this schedule with., I ask for assistance from a supervisor or coworker learn and take on more responsibility within department... 'S also rewarding for those with the training process for 18 companies a danger to or. Your greatest weaknesses, skills, experiences or sets of knowledge here with! No mistake the primary role of the firefighter interview questions, make sure they are who, what ’ important. Volunteering in some capacity mention that you may not know what you 're for! Population they 're typically looking for and how to answer a lot about area! Job is complete, 5 and seek out the answer. ” 's public education?... Not be overly dramatic or emotional in your own life and property had the... Are who, what the interview board will likely use two components when questioning you during firefighter. And loyalty and explain why these are important for the job is watching other?... This one is difficult to mess up so just go with whatever really appeals to you or your.. Trip up a lot of people generally struggle with being able firefighter interview questions stay organized 've had to an! Doesn ’ t get firefighter interview questions wrong, being outdoors, yoga you stand out as a.!

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